Allergen Menu

Dinner Allergen Menu


Roasted Tomato Soup
Gluten free; Contains Dairy; Nut free; Vegetarian.

Okinawan Sweet potato Chips
Not Gluten free, fried in “floured” oil;
Vegetarian as is.
Vegan without the smoked poblano cheese sauce

Pork Wontons
contains gluten, sesame oil, & egg;
Dairy free as is

Oasis Poke
Contains eggs; Gluten free

Gluten free without bread; Contains Dairy.


Grass-Fed Burger
Gluten free without bun, fries & onions; Dairy free without cheese & onion; mustard contains egg

Sakura Pork Chop
Gluten free; Contains Dairy

Braised Boneless Short Rib
Gluten-free without shoyu & fried rice (Contains shellfish); Dairy free as is

Seared Catch
Contains Gluten; Dairy free without oki puree; Contains Sesame Seeds,
substitute truffle soy for gluten

Grilled Catch
Contains Gluten, Dairy, & Shellfish

8oz Filet Mignon
Gluten free without cognac soy; Dairy free without mash & cognac soy


Farmers Market Curry
Gluten Free; Dairy Free; Contains Coconut (possible tree nut allergy)

Braddah Dave’s Taro Burger
Gluten contaminated, fried in “floured oil” Dairy free without onions & cheese


Oasis House Salad
vegetarian as is; vegan without requeson; contains nuts

The Wedge Salad
Gluten free as is. Contains Dairy; Nut free as is

Caprese Style Tomatoes
Gluten free & Vegetarian as is. Vegan without ricotta


Whipped Garlic Potato
Gluten Free; contains Dairy

Sauteed Local Beans
Gluten free; Contains Dairy

Okinawan Sweet Potato Puree
Gluten free; contains Dairy

French Fries
Contains Gluten

Ciabatta Roll with Smoked Salt Butter
Contains Gluten and Dairy

Bok Choi
Gluten free & Vegan

Bacon-Truffle Fried Rice
contains Gluten, Egg, Shellfish


Apple Banana Spring Roll
contains egg, dairy & gluten

Oasis Terrine
dairy free without whip cream; gluten free without biscotti

contains dairy; gluten free

dairy & gluten free

A 5% resort operation fee is added to all checks
We reserve the right to not split checks and reserve the right to charge a 20% service charge for parties of 6 or more
Oasis supports the local community by featuring local products provided by:
Growing Strong Farm, Kauai Glory Farm, Papalani, McPhee’s Bees, Kunana Dairy, Auntie Lisa, Kauai Coffee,
VIP Bakery, Kevin Yamase, Buena Vista Farms, Kahili Adventist School Garden, Auntie Lita, and Auntie Charlene
Our menu is a collaborative effort by our culinary team & their leader
Executive Chef Sean Smull
All menus & pricing subject to change without notice